Europe shouldn't hold out for Xbox 360 Netflix

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Microsoft is keeping mum on when, if ever, a Netflix-style streaming movie service will come to Xbox 360 owners in Europe.
Speaking to Eurogamer, U.K. Xbox head Neil Thompson stressed that…

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oh, thats interesting, because i had assumed that it was the same service as the US!:rolleyes:

check this site out
the europeans don’t have any fkin download caps and are pushing 24 mb/s connetions there for $40 can. So this is about the issue when the Americans will complain about download speeds vs the europeans.
The euro is 75% over the canadian dollar and 50% over the US dollar any company who does not want to do business in Europe on Euros have a hidden agenda no offence…Nintendo is a big example all Retailers there are allowed to order while here Retailers are stuck on AutoReplen. Nintendo is making 50% more on every single item sold in the Euro market because of the Euro vs the US dollar difference

well, i’m in the UK and i can tell you i only get 4mb/s where i live! and don’t know anyone who gets over 8!!

Sorry to hear but back in my home country Portugal there it is for you to see ADSL 27 mb/s connection for $24 euros so I don’t know why it is only 4 mb/s in the UK. Also portugal is now offering WIDEBAND service for a fraction of here !! in the USA . I do not understand wtf is up with all this gay ass greed here OPEN THE FKIN pipes up!!! Portugal has also removed all download CAPs on all ISP’s MANDATORY!!! So they are soon to offer digital tv over IP with no friken problems . This is going to be impossible in the US as all ISP’s have slow ass connections and Caps…

I think you can get 16mb/s in some places but i’m up the top of scotland, and i think its quite pricey for the 16 when you can get it!! i pay £15.99 for 4mb/s, and its £30 for 16mb/s!