Europe seeks to tighten some online laws

"FRANKFURT, Germany - Some European countries are proposing outlawing the use of fake information to open e-mail accounts or set up Web sites, a move intended to help terror investigations but which could face resistance on a privacy-conscious continent.

The German and Dutch governments have taken the lead on the proposals, crafting legislation that would make it illegal to provide false information to Internet service providers and require phone companies to save detailed records on customer usage.

The aim, analysts say, is to make it easier for law enforcement to access information when they investigate crimes or terrorist attacks.

The Germans and Dutch are moving well ahead of a 2009 EU deadline to implement its Data Retention directive, which calls for storing names and addresses of Internet subscribers, including those who use Web-based e-mail accounts.

But some details of the new proposals have yet to be worked out.

For instance, most of the major Web-based e-mail providers such as Google’s Gmail or Microsoft’s Hotmail require nothing more than a user name and a password to set up an account. Real names and addresses are not requested.";_ylt=AnXDZCO_orWTP0VMjs.7Z7A4k4gC

Lol! Hotmail finally learned not to ask private question :stuck_out_tongue:

I fondly remember setting up my first hotmail account 10 years ago with fake details :stuck_out_tongue:
And I’m yet to blow up my first anything and join the taliban.