Europe proposes one week of free roaming – 5 minutes per call



We’ve just posted the following news: Europe proposes one week of free roaming – 5 minutes per call[newsimage][/newsimage]

President of the EU, Latvia, has drafted an amendment to put an end to the deadlock between Member States and the European Parliament on the abolition of roaming charges.

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how stupid a proposal is that? a person can phone for 1 week, but not the other. he/she can send at least 5 text messages and use a minimum of 10MB of data. and limited for a year! absolutely absurd! there should be no roaming fees at all, whether for calls, txts or data. the phone companies have made extortionate profits by being able to charge customers prices that are out of this world for a long, long time. they still make more than enough profit even if removing roaming charges completely, as they charge around 400%-500% mark-up on their costs!


10MB data ?? So, about 1 web page… Do the Latvians even have a connection to reality ?


The main problem with abolishing roaming charges altogether would be that networks need to provide foreign operators free access to their network. For example, imagine if the EU forced tram services to freely accept passengers with valid 7+ day tickets of any foreign EU tram operator.

In my opinion, the roaming charges should be something like as follows:

[li]Incoming calls: Max 5c/min.
[/li][li]Outgoing calls to any destination: Current tariff + max 5c/min.
[/li][li]Outgoing SMS: Current tariff.
[/li][li]Data: Max 2c/MB.

For incoming and outgoing calls, 5c/min should be more than enough to cover the network cost providing this service to visitors. SMS messages cost practically nothing for the operator to provide, so they shouldn’t cost anything more.

The current data charges are a total rip-off, especially with the capacity available on 4G. I believe operators are mainly charging these crazy rates to catch people out making VoIP calls (over Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.)


Yeah I must admit, I wouldn’t mind paying for roaming providing the surcharge was minimal.

The phone companies get the arm in at the moment though as it’s way out of proportion to the actual cost to the provider.

I think they see it as easy money and obviously enough people are prepared to pay.