Europe Online - Download with Satelite

Can anybody give me any info on Downloading stuff through a
Satelite with a DVB Card. i bought a package from Europe Online
and have been told i can download the latest games/mp3/vcd with this

Any help Please


For download you can use any means (be it cable, xDSL, modem or satellite), but you need to know where to get it, and that is the same question for all of us.

The trouble with satellite is that you still need another internet connection for your upstream info (modem/cable/xDSL)

So what is your problem exactly?

Can’t you get the satellite connection to work at all, or is it that you can’t find stuff to download? If it is the latter, you have posted your question in the wrong forum, if it is the former, I hope that someone else can help you out… (but then it would help to define your problem more clearly, what OS are you using, what is the exact hardware provided, what is the exact software provided etc…)

The clearer you define your problem and describe your situation, the easier it will be for people to help you…this is insufficient information.