Europe not seeing cheap Blu-ray players; sales will suffer



I just posted the article Europe not seeing cheap Blu-ray players; sales will suffer.

Even though American consumers will be able to get their hands on standalone Blu-ray players for low prices this holiday shopping season, our European counterparts will not have the same luxury,…

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For Europe, their strategy must be to use the PS3.


@ johnzap

Are you not familiar with Sony? Their strategy is to piss off the consumer as much as possible. They make some of the dumbest decisions I’ve ever seen and I am dumbfounded that people still buy their proprietary products. Sony is the best example of exactly what not to do in the business world. If it wasn’t for consumer indifference, they would be tits up already.


I do have some good memories about Sony Duke. I remember when I had my first walkman, I was so happy with it. I think it will stay play, if I can find it somewhere :bigsmile:


I am by no means a sony fanboy, but when I see their name, I expect quality THOUGH an expensive price, :frowning:
Companies are probably wondering how long this formats gonna survive, among other reasons :slight_smile: