Europe Moves To Kill The Internet?

Just read this over here:

Europe Moves To Kill The Internet

Having not heard about this before, it came as a surprize, Any more info about it?

Thats just stupid. Viviane Reding? Well then it’s just to be expected.
I love how Brussels uses our money on important things. Like this. Who cares about a North Korean loon with bombs, starvation in africa, drug trafficing in southeast europe or that global-warming-thing.

No, the comisioners think, lets put black bags over the people who pay our wages and put them in camps. Faschist ideas from faschist people.

What would airhead do without youtube? :eek: I hate to try to imagine it.
Just glad I live in the US :).
Gotta protect the children, right? :doh:

It’s just like in Iran.

In fact especially in Germany everything is becoming more and more ridiculous. The EU supposedly “anti-terrorist” measure of keeping the logs for years is now supposed to be used against downloads and stuff like that instead (yes, terrorists wouldn’t be that dumb). They will break the constitution for enough money. :Z

[B]Airhead[/B], you Swedes have invented the [I]Pirate Party[/I]! Just [I]relakks[/I]… :wink:

The people have lost the trust from the government.
Wouldn’t it be easier, if the government dissolved the people and elected a new one?

[I](German original)[/I]
Das Volk hat das Vertrauen der Regierung verscherzt.
Wäre es da nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung löste das Volk auf und wählte ein anderes?

  • Bertolt Brecht

Unfortunately, if we relax, they screw us over.

They’ll do that anyways, and being uptight about it will only make it more painful.

F*** the EU!

They wont if they wont sit there. Vote and make a change

I feel sorry for you guys. I think you all live to regret this E.U. I think you could more appropriately call it the EWWWW!!. I have been to Europe and think you guys are great. I spent 3 months in England in 1975. I went to Brussels and a few other places and the cultural differences were what i found to be fantastic. The cultural differences in our country are the cultural differences of the world. I hope you can pull it together without letting the money hungry bastards that are trying to control the whole world get over on you. These people have no country or tradition. They are control freaks. They are everywhere. (I mean everywhere, here too. We breed them.)

I can agree with part of the EU as an idea. But it’s way to much bloat, regulations of shapes and sizes of cucumbers as an example. This isnt a lie, there is a regulation against selling cucumbers with a excessive bend.

That statement wrongly assumes that the next homo erectus that will be elected wont vote for the same things, and the next one and the next one…

Hehe, so do I

At least they have good beer

wow…that is unbelievable! STUPID GOVERMENT FOCKS!