Europe? America?

I am going to europe from america and want to bring my own music CDs i made (wrote, played, recorded) with me. Also i would like to bring a DVD i filmed but there are encrytions for certain parts of the world in which some cds or dvd can’t be played. can anyone please help me i leaving very soon

If you made the film yourself then there won’t be any region restrictions on it.

However it will probably be NTSC format, whereas Europe is mostly PAL (France is SECAM). Thankfully in Europe though it is easy to get cheap DVD players which play both NTSC and PAL.

Where exactly are you settling in the EU?

im going backpacking from Ireland to Italy and back to Ireland. Going through the Netherlands, germany, maybe France and Spain and a bunch of other european countries. I have recorded music and movies in america and i need to know if the cds and dvds i bring with me to sell (because the exchange rate on euros is killing the us dollar) will work in europe. i know there are encrytion stuff on some dvds but don’t really know any important details. Im leaving on the 15th and really need to know so i don’t briong a bunch of useless cds with me. Thank you so much for you help everyone’s voice helps.

Audio CDs are the same format all over the world.

Video DVDs are in a different format in North America (NTSC) and Europe (PAL). Most but not all European DVD players will play NTSC format DVDs. Most North American DVD players will not play PAL format DVDs.

For commercial DVDs there is also the added nuisance of region codes which differ between North America (Region 1) and Western&Central Europe (Region 2).

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do you know where i could get the black dvds in america that would play in europe after i burned my own film on to them?
Thanks a ton for your help DrageMester and imkidd57. more help is always welcome

The blank DVDs don’t determine the video format (NTSC/PAL) or the region code.

Those are determined by your video camera and your video authoring program.

Look in the documentation for your video authoring program to see if and how you can output to PAL format even if the input from your video camera is in NTSC format.

I don´t think your video authoring or disc burning software will put region codes on your discs with your own videos. I´ve taken video I´ve made in Germany (Region 2) to NZ (Region 6) and played them on normal DVD players without any problems.
You may have optional settings offering you the chance to add a region code…so just don´t select this. You also usually get the option to output to NTSC or PAL somewhere in the set-up.

I use Adobe Premiere. What software are you using?

I´ve taken video I´ve made in Germany (Region 2) to NZ (Region 6)
AFAIR New Zealand should be in region 4 by standard. :slight_smile:
Anyway, it all depend on how you record/burn/play your DVD… (“region free” is always an option on many burners/players)… :smiley: