Europa Universalis II Crown of the North and Victoria

Hi, people.

Last week I found this forum looking for ways to back up my new PC games. So I downloaded several apps and I got yesterday to back up successfully MTW:VI, by using Alcohol 120% and A-Ray.
Today I tried to do the same to EUII and Victoria, but the scanner notifies that there is no protection, at which I am amazed. So I scan PGIIISE to test the scanner and there it notifies Safedisc.
Before burning these two images (which run without any problem in a emulating drive), I want to be sure that there is no protection in both games.

Hi Tancredo and welcome to the forums,

Try scanning with Aray Scanner v2
And then Protection ID 5 (I have attached it, but you will have to rename it to .rar)

Then scan the CD with Aray, and scan the exe with Protection ID 5.

Protection (15.6 KB)

Protection (94.4 KB)

Thanks Merther,

I’d downloaded Protection ID5 but I hadn’t used it to double check. My A-Ray version is (I hope is the last one).
So I think after all Paradox/Strategy First don’t use copy protection.

Do you know, people, other games/developpers/publishers who don’t insert protection to theirs products?

Surprisingly Activision decided not to protect the original version of Soldier of Fortune 2, thats the only game I know from Activision that does it, Half-life 1 didn’t have protection, maybe because they werent advanced enough when it was released.