Euro1080 aka HD1

…will finally move from ASTRA 19.2 degrees east to 23.5 degrees east.

That’s the satellite position from where PREMIERE will transmit ist’s “foreign language packet” over europe, and maybe also their HD content.

So, only the not-yet-started channels SAT.1 HD and ProSiebenHD will remain on ASTRA 19.2 degrees east.
Other HD content channels are available mainly on Hotbird (13 degrees east) in europe.


Thanks for the information! A friend of mine just mailed me about this subject :slight_smile:

btw… where do you get your news from?

Mainly from some reliable and trustworthy forums like

Read a crapthing like InfoSAT and you’d be penetrated with useless & wrong info… :wink:

PREMEIRE HD has delayed it’s start again to 3. December 2005 (yes, 2005, haha).
The big prioblem is the availability of DVB-S 2 capable processors/units to be able to release Receivers to the market.

As an example, almost nobody is actually able to receive/watch ProSieben HD & Sat.1 HD on Astra because they transmit via DVB-S 2 and mpeg4. :frowning:


HDTV2DVD is a new tool to simply convert your HDTV material to DVD. HDTV captures are MPEG-2 Transport Streams at either 1280 x 720p or 1920 x 1080i resolution yet DVD is typically MPEG-2 Program Streams at 720 x 480 (for NTSC). This means that to play HD material on a “normal” DVD player you have to convert the source. This is what HDTV2DVD does in a simple, user friendly way.
Load up your HDTV file (.ts or .tp), start the processing and HDTV2DVD will produce a VIDEO_TS DVD folder ready for you to burn!

Version History
Build 0.4 - 03 11 2005

  • Improved aspect ratio logic: now supports 4:3 as well as 16:9 source material.
  • Added clearer progress bar

Download HDTV2DVD v0.4 (2 MB) (requires .Net Framework 1.1)


This is FREEWARE software !!!

BTW Sorry about the other links…

chrome :slight_smile:

Mh, but what’s the point I wonder.

This great tool is out since a while now.

There are many other useful tools like ProjectX…

Great for members in the ‘now’ but as a new owner of a pc DVB-S card, I’m just getting to know what is available to me.

I did a search for Project X at SourceForge, but the only download I found was ‘source code’ …is this what you are using ? Secondly the SourceForge page has no screenshots available too.

Any further info, or recommendations for software would be appreciated…how about a ‘Sticky’ ?


chrome :slight_smile:

Is correct:

You may have to use BABELFISH etc.

Thank you for the info and link, Java based program, worked 1st time.


Check out the tools section on if you already haven’t. :wink:

Thank you again!! :slight_smile:

HD-1 started on W3A @ 7E satellite from Eutelsat.
10874 V
tp A10 HD 1 DVB 8680-3/4
1 - 308 65535-0
256 Europe B
can you receive it with PC sat Card please.

They have started test transmissions not only on 7E, also on other satellite positions.
But, as said, TEST TRANSMISSIONS. Bad quality signals also.
And from time to time they just disappear.

Don’t really expect to see that channel on that positions for a long time…

Also they’ll change from dvb-s mpeg2 to dvb-s2 mpeg4/H.264 soon.

Dear Chef,
Thank you for your reply,
I am in Dubai -UAE and can only see this test from this satellite
I could get the signal regesterd using the Skystar2 PC card with Prog DVB software.
Do you think that it will be possible to see it using the PC card if the HD recivers from IDL 5000HD and euro 1080 from Zinwell. can not co-oop now.
Dr Drish also said that this new system can not be seen by the old receivers.
again thank you for the reply

Ah, ok. I thought you mean a mpeg2 HDTV transmission.

For mpeg4/H.264 HDTV transmissions no cards are available yet.
KNC ONE is currently developing one - hope it can be released soon!!!

On the standlone receivers market you have also no real choices for H.264 actually:
Receivers from PACE, HUMAX and PHILIPS are not yet available…
I heard rumours the REELBOX would be able to receive and view such channels, but couldn’t find a definite answer to that question yet.