Euh, not many posts here

I think that this forum is not necessary, as everyone can read there are almost never enough and good and interesting posts.

Why not make a Dutch Twilight/Grazy bytes forum ?

Twilight goes DVD, and is the best selling Warez cd in the netherlands.

I know one thing for sure, this forum doesn’t make sense.

Weird actually, people should be stuffing this forum with posts that express joy, thankfullnes,…

Aah well,people are just people.

Keep up the good work, or if u can make it even better!

At this time people should sleep…

in some countries…

So what ya doin up?

Like a said ‘…should sleep’ me couldn’t sleep so…thats why.

This forum is not to praise us, although we like that, but to tell us what you want to be removed/improved/added etc.

Sleep is for sissies! Ha!