EU wants to create global anti-piracy law



EU wants to create global anti-piracy law.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Internet service providers are becoming increasingly concerned they will be responsible to clean up the legal mess when subscribers are accused of downloading and sharing copyrighted music files.

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if ISP’s have police power then it would be possible but countries like Australia ISPs do not have such a power and they won’t get it.

The movie industry started a foolish lawsuit here against one ISP and they lost.


I wouldn’t steal a handbag? Watch me. And while I’m at it, I’ll steal stuff to put into the stolen handbag.


I would’nt steal a handbag,but i’d download it.


If they want to go after the pirates them maybe one should focus in on the MPAA and RIAA they have created for themselves such protectionism not even drug companies receive and they go through a lot more to get their product to market. Lets start by making 1) the product more price competitive. 2) Stop trying to limit completion (example forcing Redbox to delay new releases) . 3) Stop trying to attach a surcharge to products like blank CDs and DVDs or even internet usage cause they could be used in pirating. They already got to surcharge internet streaming broadcasts. Whats next broadcast air waves such as TV and radio or surcharges on TVs, radios, computers, CD & DVD burners. Even from the origins of BETA & VHS the recording industry has tried to impose their will. They even got the government to approve the Digital Millennium Act so that if any software one would produce could hack or read recorded software. When MP3 players first came out the recording industry attacked those. Now that industry is going after the internet providers and P2P providers. 4) maybe the copyright time cap on music and movies should be reduced like that of the drug industry to that of 7 years maybe 10 years max at which point it made available for free downloading on the internet. I can think of no other company that gets virtually a lifetime of protection on their product. While I am at it this should apply to family pictures taken by the various portrait studios. I had a old time picture over 70 years old and I was refused to let it be copied because it had the studios logo at the bottom. Now how do I get permission from a studio that no longer exists or reprints of pictures from a wedding performed even 5 years ago? Yeah before we go to the EU to expand this nonsense there need to be a clean up on how the recording industry does business. This is the only business that steadfastly refuses to change with the times and through lobbying efforts (big money) sways governments to act as their enforcers. Maybe we can apply the RICO act against the Recording industry sections 1962 B & C.


if i purchase something then it belongs to me so i have the right to lend it or share or sell it.if thats not the case then it should be only for would these people like it if the makers of say dell computers tell these people what they can do with there computers or any other industries like clothing elevisions.its just more greed.


[QUOTE=tommytinkroom;2504310]I would’nt steal a handbag,but i’d download it.[/QUOTE] But you wouldn’t kill a cop! :bigsmile:


So WE, the consumers, have the option now to download something and decide whether we like it or not BEFORE we buy it. Oh no, poor Hollywood!
Truth is you are always going to find the tiny minority who won’t pay anything for anything (it’s usually called ‘poverty’… or something close to it). In which case you haven’t lost a customer because they don’t have any money !
There are lots of different issues here. Hollywood charge too much, and so do games companies… if they just woke up and realised this thing called the Internet gives them a VAST marketplace to swim around in… they might realise that charging less money actually increases their sales overall. Everyone wins.
As for ‘You wouldn’t steal a handbag’ - sorry, but a physical item is NOT the same as digital data. You’re right though, I wouldn’t steal a handbag !


Sunday’s ‘New York Times’ ran an interesting story about the ineffectiveness of France’s three-strikes anti-piracy law. According to the Times, not a single warning letter has been sent out since the law went into force…
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