EU reaches agreement on controversial new copyright law with 'upload filter' and 'link tax' articles


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European negotiators have reached a political agreement on the new Copyright Directive which includes the controversial article 11 and 13. Article 11 is also known as the link tax and article 13 requires tech giants like Google and Facebook to purchase licenses for the content their users share.


The EU and Google reach an agreement? Sounds like the consumer, and small content creators, are about to get screwed. Also, this sounds like a great way to censor people and stifle free speech by putting up copyright strikes against those the EU wants to silence.


The whole push towards ‘secure’ devices (ie. only a few central points of control/censorship for the whole web), State-endorsed antiSocial Media sites (raking up so much private info conveniently), and these moves here are to keep a somewhat decentralised system under central control, bit by bit. With the goal to crush free speech and dissent against totalitarian governments and tyranny worldwide. In other words, to silence all of us.


Corporations are coming for Europe’s internet, and they won’t stop until they get it. Once that’s done, they’re coming for the rest of the world.


What do you mean…FB, Twitter, SmartPhone tracks all your actions and movements. It’s already started.


If you want to go down the rabbit hole then look into the CIA’s Lifelog program and the establishment of Facebook. There is good evidence to support the covert agencies of the US government funded Facebook, Twitter, Google and others to skirt around the laws that prevent them from directly spying on US citizens. These agencies control these companies and would explain why they are so evasive when questioned about their actions.


I was talking about censorship, not surveillance. Everything will soon need a stamp of approval to be posted on the internet if these corporations get their way.


It’s called greed? The same reason that cable and satellite companies allow you to record some movies
from showtime or something? , but they block you from recording or limit the recording of a ppv movie
which you pay extra to see, because they want you to keep paying if you want to see it again.
It’s all the same B.S. they always do?.:neutral_face: