EU PS3 launch puts Blu-ray way ahead in Europe

I just posted the article EU PS3 launch puts Blu-ray way ahead in Europe.

Following the recently launch of the PS3 in Europe, the leading HD format has quickly swung over to Blu-ray like what happened in the US. Up until the EU PS3 launch, HD DVD lead the EU…

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I guess the general public has spoken - they still don’t care about DRM. :d

Still , the vast majority of the limited movies released todate in this format are basically crap and are not worth the cost of either buying or renting ! However , on applying Ockams Razor , this becomes merely crap PR hack spin designed to hide very poor sales figures well below marketing predictions and estimates, as to be in the toilet quite literally! Not withstandingly , in all countries where PS3 has been released for general sales and sold it is a market flop of epic proportions ,with most dealers having large volumes of unsold stock sitting gathering dust in either the warehouse or on the shelf as the rival units out sell them as fast as they can make them! But who can say who the winner really is when you have captured less then .001% of the current market share? , and are losing on every other front at such a rate, your capital reserves are now virtually almost totally depleted! What price a winner indeed! I only see the end is closer than you think! :X

Some nice BDA FUD again…congratulations cdfreaks :r

Looks like it’s getting harder and harder to spin good HD DVD news, and little by little even statistically anti-Blu-Ray sites are having to break down and see what’s going on. The funny thing is that some people are actually surprised by this news, and didn’t see it coming for 6+ months. It should be interesting to see how things go as more and more Blu-Ray players become cost competitive, and even cheaper, then the PS3.

I suspect what has happened is that people are buying the PS3 and then buying a BD movie to see what the movies looks like in HD. Bet the sales will drop when the novelty wears off…

Why does gaming and movie buying have to be mutually exclusive? I don’t know ANY gamers that don’t also own a good chunk of movies. And everyone I know who owns a PS3 is buying movies also. One of my co-workers hooks his PS3 up to a projector to watch movies pretty regularily. Also, if it were just novelty, then sales wouldn’t be constantly on the rise for Blu-Ray like they are.

I thought there were tools available aka DVDfab HD, and Slysofts offering that allow backups of both HD-DVD and Blur-ray? If this is the case does it matter who wins the battle?

What do you expect from selling a product at cost compared to the competition. Sony might of willed their way into the market but are they able recoup the losses with each PS3 sold? We will see.

The real question is, how many idiots are there in the world who genuinely think any film is worth more than $40 to watch! That’s the real problem with HD films and I for one know I dont value any film that much. Until HD films reach a price point where they are at a price that is actually a viable value for buying a movie at they wont take off.

The true fact is that an HD/BD DVD is at almost the same cinema quality (far better if you look at the audio field only). I’d prefer a “cinematic” experience @home (BD + 1080p + 7.1) rather than at a cinema (expecially because not every cinema is capaible of delivering a perfect experience). And I’m not into this “BD is the devil” thing, HD is AACS as BD, the only difference lies with BD+ if and when it will be used. Too bad, as math imply having 50 instead of 30Gb makes some difference so BD is going to win.