EU meddling in affairs none of their business, screws up big

I am of course talking about the working time regulation, supposed to “help” people by making them work less and in true EU-fascion, achieving the absolute opposite. Policemen, firemen, doctors and other professions (most within the healthcare sector) would be forced to work more to make up for lost time as they would be required to have 11 hour naps in between shifts. And in the case of doctors and others on call, we will end up with the bisarre situation that if a doctor on duty needs assistance by a doctor currently on call and calls that peson for a quick chat, that will reset that doctors “rest cycle” and he will be several hours late for work the next day.

BBC has more on the matter. Everyone should opt out of this sillyness, as it should not even be an EU matter. It’s rubbish and crap.

Lol … how silly … but so very, very bureacratic :wink:

I honestly cant understand who even brought up this proposition. The union hates it, our right wing labour minister thinks it’s crap. Everyone hates it, left to right.