EU may reduce 100dB limit on MP3 players

I just posted the article EU may reduce 100dB limit on MP3 players.

With the soaring use of portable music players, the European Commission requested a study to be carried out on the risks of what they call “leisure noise”. The study found that of the…

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do you know why people are going deaf with ipods. 1) you can’t turn the volume right down on some ipods 2) if you have sensitive hearing. 3) number 1 will affect your sensitive hearing because you can’t turn the volume down 2 a comfortable level,what i mean here is the volume is still loud at the lowest setting,so after a while your hearing deteriorates because of it. so whats going 2 happen 2 your music?your going 2 turn it up. that’s why people’s hearing is getting damage,because of the volume problems on the ipods if no-one believes in me?,try listen to music on different ipods and you will see for your self,what i mean by the volume,that’s if you can still hear and i don’t blame the person who is listen to the music i blame apple for not giving us more control,over the volume level

Hey, Johnny. Please go back to school and learn the difference between “2” and “to”. Oh, and “your” and “you’re”. Thanks for stopping by and making the rest of us feel a bit smarter.

Anyway, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people’s music through their headphones. If it’s that loud for me, I can only imagine the damage to their eardrums. I say let them go deaf. It’s their decision. Why go through the trouble of regulating the volume on PMPs?


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God, I can only imagine listening to 89db+ with today’s music since the loudness is jacked up even more.

You know, I work with in the hearing aid industry and people who listen to such loud music are indeed creating a hearing loss for themselves. Some of our “power” hearing aids (for really deaf people) only pump out about 90DB or something like that. Why would a person with no hearing loss need a device that pumps out 100DB?

I think 80DB would even be too loud. Some of the other aids at my workplace do around 80DB and they’re damn loud when you listen through one.

CD Pirate good question what am I missing? maybe we need some adjustments over here in the US lmao. 100DB is alot of volume and I am surprised we ain’t heard of any hearing loss over there in the EU.

People turn them up to drown out external noise (Train, Subway, Traffic etc). We live in a truly noisy world. The thing to do is to get some proper noise cancelling headphones or better still decent ‘in ear’ earphones that block out external noise and allow you to turn the volume down. But people are stupid and won’t invest in a decent pair of buds and instead use the 2 dollar buds that come with their 200 dollar players. Dumbasses.