EU launches anti-trust probe into Apple iTunes

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With Apple refusing to allow its iTunes customers to purchase music from international iTunes stores, the European Commission has confirmed the opening of an antitrust probe into its music service…

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I’m so sick of this EU crap. What a bunch of whiners. Seriously people, if ya don’t want DRM, don’t buy music with it applied. No need to have the government come in to babysit.

You did not read the newspost at all, did you? It’s not about DRM but about not complying to EU law by not letting people buy their songs in other EU country’s shops.

Well said Liggy! It’s also about the unfair pricing which means for example that people in the UK pay more than EuroZone countries. It has nothing to do with DRM at all. The guy from the EU said as much in an interview on BBC Scotland today. Hat’s off to the EU. No doubt Apple will play the Microsoft card and claim it’s a US versus the World thing and some people will be daft enough to swallow that and wave their star spangled banners for Apple. Me I welcome the regulatory pressure. The EU is a single market enshrined in law. If you trade with one you trade with all equally.

we have been ripped off in the uk for years the usual record company trick is to do a UK exclusive album that had extra tracks so they can’t be imported from the rest of Europe at a cheaper rate. The thing is the extra tracks are usually crap thats why they where not put on the album in the first place

Bah! The EU regulations suck! If they are so worried about the stupid songs, why don’t they make it equally possible to purchase more useful things, like automobiles, on any EU country and not have to pay the extremely high taxes on the country of residence? If this is a free market, as they claim, why is it free for some things and not for others? :r

Just curious… for all times Apple has been probed, investigated, threatened, etc. etc. what has actually changed? Not one dang thing.

I bought an IPOD and took the piece of junk back. I couldn’t get it to work and Apple made you use their sync ITUNES program to upload songs to it which caused issues with my pocket pc that also uses a sync connection. After several hours of trouble shooting I gave up. I was in disbelief that I couldn’t just drag and drop a song to it since windows saw it as a HDD but no, they made the thing where you couldn’t do something a simple as that. Personally, I don’t see all the big deal about it anyways. It really puts a lot of restrictions on how you can transfer your music around. But hey, thats MO.

This probe is targeting first and foremost the record labels (Apple is not the main target). The EU spokesman on the radio said that it was the restrictions imposed by the record companies that they are targeting.

What about me. I am from Poland which supposed to be in Europe and we even do not have Itunes store dedicated for our country. :frowning:

I bought my sons inexpensive 1GB MP3 players. One Sandisk and one Creative. USB port plugin, XP drag and drop, no hassle. I bought 100% USA/RIAA legal music from music.msn until the hassle of burning to CD then ripping back to the hard drive as MP3 got to be too much. It was very easy for WMP to “lose” my licenses and render my songs unplayable. I was driven to the questionable legality of by the simple fact that I could get DRM free music encoded at the quality I desired. Of course, getting higher quality for 1/4 the price didn’t hurt :d When are these idiots going to quit punishing the people who actually still PAY for music?