EU cosiders SMS and e-mail tax (and you thought it was rip off Britain)



A French MEP has put forward a scheme to fund the European Union (EU) by taxing SMS and email messages.

Alain Lamassoure, part of the European Parliament’s budget committee, has proposed a plan to the 25 EU member states that they should tax people an extra 1.5 cent (1p) per text message and 0.00001 Euro on every email.

The tax, which could raise billions of pounds, would then be used to fund EU operations, individual countries and aid poorer nations. The EU is currently funded by VAT, direct contributions from member states and customs duties. Lamassoure

Lamassoure has a called a meeting of MP and MEPs for June 21 when he will try to convince the EU budget commissioner about his revolutionary plan. The good news for consumers and businesses is that nothing would probably happen until 2015 or 2020, according to Lamassoure.

Tax on text messages has been mooted by certain countries before and an attempt to introduce it in Italy last year failed.

Well atleast we have until 2015 to gt our texts off :bigsmile: I can see the uproar if they even attempt it, but hey they’ve fined MS so why not tax the little people.


I think even the possibility of this is very remote indeed.


Ths is the EU were talking about here. Don’t forget the possability of MS loosing a law suit against it was considered remote and look what happened, THey are now in the 2million euro a day fine zone if they don’t comply.


If there’s a way for any ‘official side’ to make money, they will. Yep, I can see this coming. Don’t put it past them !!