EU copyright law misses deadline - EU DCMA doesn't pass

I just posted the article EU copyright law misses deadline - EU DCMA doesn’t pass.

The American law that should prevent and punish digital piracy the DCMA has it’s equivalent in the European Copyright Directive, the EUCD. But with currently only two members (Greece and Denmark)…

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I will be thrilled if it doesn’t pass.

Why da fuk, is Denmark always in the front row, when it comes to these matters. Why dont they harmonise car pricing just as fast??? :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning: Only when there is a benefit for the government og some redicilus companies they are fast on the trigger. Soon I will have to leave Denmark… who wants me??

No5, I would have said, “Welcome to United States of America” but you are just going to decline my offer so I won’t bother :wink:

Well, I gotta tell ya the beer here in Denmark is fantastic, the women, damn the women, are the prettiest in the world BUT the taxes (as in income) are SOOO high and if you buy anything the add an extra 25% in VAT taxes. Hell, its a wonder the whole damn economy is on the barter/black market system. They enforce the anti-copying rules (via the APG or anti-pirate group) here, no surprise there, after all with the prices so high, people look for ‘alternate methods’ when it comes to media files. But, it is still leagal for me to copy cd’s from the local library for my own ‘personal’ use! Go figure.

No5, i’m also from denmark. Do anyone remember the quote: The grass is allways greener on the other side. This is in fact not true, denmark is probably one of the countries with the most liberal laws. About harmonising car pricing, that is surely true. We should have cheaper cars here, but thats only one law out of many. Besides, eventhough we wine about denmark, we surely do love those benefits we have.

Bobsen, Try going to norway :wink: THEY have girls, pretty girls. Ours are offcause also MORE than ok :wink:

I was thinking about Sweden. Why? Pretty girls, cheap cars, Not illegal to download mp3, not that far from Denmark, possible to ski in winter. I actually snows in the winter there. Cheap houses.

Sweden? No decent beer! State run liquor stores, really conservertive attitudes (the Germans of the far north) and the language! No, my friend, stay in Denmark and overthrow the goverment and stop the madness!

Why not go to Holland. They’ve got cows and weed, what more do u need? (It rhymes, mehehe)