Ethernet via Powerline

Hello all,

DirecTV is offering on demand movies similar to cable TV, they said I need:
HD service.
Demand eligible HD receiver.
DSL internet.
750 Kbps or higher connection speed.
Router with available port.

All of which is currently in place and working.

I want to avoid pulling another CAT5 to get from the router to another room. I have a Linksys wireless but quit using it in favor of a wired router because of too many drop-outs.

I’d like to use one of the powerline/ethernet links (ePlug is one of them), the reviews I saw ranged from 1 star to 5 stars with no clear standouts.

Any recommendations or helpful hints?

Thanks, Meron

P.S. I know there might be a problem with the 240vac split phase mains system here in the states but I can fix that and get both plugs on the same 120vac leg (circuit) with a simple change at the service panel.


I own a pair of Devolo (OEM) PLC devices.
My personal experience:
These beasts get really hot.
Connection is often unreliable, especially if they are plugged into a power outlet strip.


At&T’s U-Verse TV service is pretty particular about it’s network configuration. The DVR and STB connect to the router at a data rate of 112Mbps. First generation Ethernet over Powerline adapters were not compatible with the U-Verse service as they maxed at an 85Mbps rate.

Current adapters have a 200Mbps rate which is more than enough bandwidth.

I bring up U-Verse only because it is the most demanding service from a network point of view. It has been discussed a bit in some of their forums, you can find a lot of info in the following thread which has some additional links to specific recommendations.

I’m currently using a pair of Belkin 200Mbps adapters to connect my upstairs network switch to the one downstairs.

The main issue I had to start with was finding wall sockets that gave the maximum throughput and this varied a lot from one to the next. With the sockets I’m using at the moment, I’m effectively getting ~3.5MB/s (~28Mbps.) With the worst socket in this same room, I got ~1.5MB/s (~12Mbps.) These also seem to work fine in the basic 4-socket power strips, but they do not work with any type of surge protected strips.

For reliability, I’ve never had a dropped connection caused the link that I’m aware of and I find them far more reliable than the last couple of Wi-Fi access points I’ve used, especially for streaming TV. With Wi-Fi, I was unable to watch realtime streaming broadcasts without regular drop-outs, where as these stream fine with the Powerline connection.

Basically, Powerline Ethernet performance will depend a lot on your home’s wiring. For streaming internet, as long as the two pair up, they should be more than adequate for your cable TV on demand service. :slight_smile: