Ethernet problem



Hi I have a Dell Inspiron 8200, and recently out of the blue the computer shut down and now my wireless connection is not working.

At first I tried System Restore but that did not fix it. So then I tried using the Device Manager, and there were two yellow Question marks (with a small yellow circle in the bottom right) next to Other Devices>Ethernet Controller, and PCI Modem.

Under Network Adapters> is 3 sub-categories; 1394 Net Adapter, 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905-TX Compatable), and NTS Enternet P.P.P.o.E Adapter.

Like I said above I connect with wireless, so I believe its the 3Com category. When I went to the website to download the driver, I could not find it available :sad:

Is there any help you can suggest, this is the only way I connect to the Internet so it is a bit of a bummer :frowning:

Thank you to all who can help!


Your Dell system has a Dell Tag Number. You can fill in this tag number at the Dell customer website. It will then show you all the available drivers, patches and updates for your system.


3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller is the cable ethernet card
It seems u have a problem with the wireless card
Try to delete the one with the question mark and reboot
If it doesn’t reinstall the driver try finding the correct wireless driver for the hardware


Where can I find the correct wireless driver for the hardware, if its not on the Dell website?


Did you contact tech support at Dell? Cause they sold the laptop they should have tech and software upgrade for the laptop.


For the 1130, 1150 or 1180 wireless cards which have apparently been installed in your model.