Ethernet Goes for 100 Gigabits Per Second

Ethernet will keep accelerating, speeding up to 100 Gigabits per second in the next few years, the head of a standards study group says.



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I have Gigalan at the moment and at best it manages around 300Mbps. The system seems to spend so much time just servicing interupts to transfer data any faster.

Dont forget data transfer speeds are always highly theoretical :wink:

Keep in mind that:
PCI’s maximum (theoretical) bandwidth is 133MB/s = approx 1064Gb/s … and
HD’s are approx 1/2 of PCI’s speed at max 70MB/s approx 560Mb/s, and both are subject to pretty poor efficiency’s :wink:

I couldn’t live without it, since I commonly move GB files between PC’s, and even occasionally burn across it.

Gigabit ethernet is now pretty old, between it’s development & now common usage (and 100Mb is still most commonly implemented in commercial applications with gigabit backbones).

When gigabit ethernet originally debuted, it was difficult for even a high end server with raid5 arrays to max out the gigabit’s bandwidth, but everything has grown into it.
Common consumer grade HD’s are now capable of 70-80MB/s sustained data transfer rates, which exceeds UDMA2, 3 & 4 and maxes out the realistic bandwidth of UDMA5 and possibly even 6.
Sata1 was developed and it was realised it just wasn’t fast enough, and Sata 2 was released about just 18months later!

In 5 years, 10Gigabit ethernet will be common, and 100Gigabit will be demanded for high bandwidth apps … and terabit ethernet will be released :wink:

/me just wonders, whether in 10 years Australian ISP’s will be capping broadband speeds at 24Mb on gigabit ethernet to the home, like they are currently capping 8/24Mb/s ADSL/ADSL2 at 512Kb/s :stuck_out_tongue: