Etherlords 2 (USA)

what protection is used?

i tried to back-up it with Alcohol 120% (safe disk mode) -> no succes
i tried to back-up it with Blindread/write (SecuROM mode with plextor premium) -> no succes

the installation reports no problems, but when the installation is completed the executable file is not installed so you can not play the game.

never saw this kind of behavior with copy protections :confused:

anyone an idea on what to do/try?

Install from your original and see if you play from your backup.

when i install and then start from the back-up the cd is reconized correctly and the game begins.

but i cant install from the back-up because the executable isnt installed.
there must be some kind of protection on the cd, the installation program scans the cd before it copies the executable to your HD at the end of the installation.

Is installer installshield, wise, etc… based?

it looks just like a standard installshield installer program

Google for an app called i6comp. You could attempt to manually extract exe using this utility. Not the best solution, but it might help.

Have you tried any other scanners?

tried the most common ones but they all give the unknown/no protection message

have you tried a full scan using clony xxl or copy protection id after the program has been installed not just testing the cd itself?
some protections only show after the installation as the data is compressed.
I believe this game is due out in the uk very soon and when I get hold of a copy I will report back on any results/findings.
etherlords original game favoured securom new when released last year under a jowood title.have you tried to see if bwa builder creates any sort of profile?
gamecopyworld states carrys just cd checks as protection ?
however thats nothing to go by often wrong!
in any case being in usa yours may differ from uk?
will keep you posted however unlikely to get hands on a copy until next week.

This could be homemade protection that blacklists virtual drive. I can think of quite a few easy ways to check virtual drive presence.

the original installs correctly when the Alcohol 120% virtual drive is active.

when i check it stated that Etherlords 2 UK release is still TBA

USA and UK/Europe versions often have diffrent copy protections. SecuROM is much more used in European releases then in USA releases for example.
so it would not surprise me if the UK version has a different protection as mine USA version.

will check out the title with interest as soon as the uk version is available will post results!

still UK Release TBA, it might take a while :slight_smile: