Etherlords 2 , starforce 3 protection help

i want to backup the uk version of etherlords 2 . clonyxxl does not find any protection but in many sites i had see that is protected with starforce 3 . i use alcohol 120% with starforce 3 settings but the burning is stopping at 80%.the image file is creating with no erros .has anybody backup etherlords 2 game to help me ? which one of the 2 discs are protected ?

(sorry for my bad english) thanks !

what burners do you have?


what model number?


if there is a starforce 3 protection ,how much speed to put for making the image file and how much speed to burn the cd .

As far i know, starforce is on french, spanish and german version of this game.
And there you get usually a message to type starforce key. Do you get it too? Is there any menu with starforce logo, if you start this game?
English version is not protected by starforce. But there is again a difference, English-US is not protected as far i know, English-Uk, may be, i don’t know it.
To create an image set the speed of dpm measurment to max 4x. If you want just to burn it without emulation, than you don’t need to create topology. Alcohol (or even BlindWrite with Plex) can not burn starforce physically as protection anyway, whatever you do.
Choose different CD-Rs, may be you will have luck to get physically identical CD-R disc.

To all another, to ask about burner model by starforce protected games is useless, even if you own plex premium. Every thing else are just rumors.

yes i get a starforce message for cd-key . which will be the problem ? install or play the game ?

Of course to play it. But you can still emulate it, you have to create topology and so on…