A few TDK DVD+R results.


a few more tdk +R results.


Few extra TDK +R burns, this time with online hyper tunning ON


The last TDK +R media that I had, burned at 4x again with online hyper tunning ON.


A few JVC +R 16x results, recorded at various speeds.


Verbatim +R 16x @ 6x (selected speed)


Some more +R Verbatim results.


I guess both are older media?


The ones that were recorded @ 6x were very old, the other two are bought new a few weeks back. No idea when they were manufactured.


That´s nice, my boughts in the last years are don´t look that good


I could also be old stock that was just sitting in the shelf, and if had to bet that would be the one that i would put my money.
Still its nice to see some good burns.