Burn out CD-R 48x @ 20x Made in Taiwan by CMC Mag


Burn out CD-R 48x @ 16x Made in Taiwan by CMC Mag


Burn out CD-R 48x @ 10x Made in Taiwan by CMC Mag
1min 17sec overburn


TDK MII 16x @ 8x


TDK MII 16x @ 8x


TDK MII 16x @ 8x


@work -r 16x @ 8x


What I noticed, is that the eTAU108 reports many more errors at higher speeds at the outer edge.

Speed setting ×4 on a TYG02 disc reports 40 PIE while ×8 1600 PIE at the outer edge.
For PIF, the error count only increases slightly with increased speed.


Probably, I havent used the drive for a long time.


The eTAU line has a top loading door, like portable CD players.
The advantage is force eject manually (IsoBuster can also force to eject without closing session); the disadvantage is the possibility of accidental ejection during write, which would not happen to experienced users.


Yes that the drive, i have it i still works. Yes you could just open the drive and get the disc out manually but I never did that.


Why is the maximum amount of errors at 80% of the outer edge of the disc?



The eTAU108 partially misburned tha CD-RW due to heavy vibration.

It caused errors that only some drives can bypass.

  • S182: 5 errors between LBA 133154 and 134026 (1786678b file).
  • eTAU108: 0 errors.
  • BU20, SE208: 0 errors.
  • SU208CB: 3 errors.
  • BE14NU40; 17 errors. Embarassing.
  • GDR8162B: 12 errors.

eTAU108 beat the _ out of BE14NU40.
But Be14NU40 has the supreme recording quality.


Various reasons, but from my personal experience I would say mediocre, disc, poor write strategy on the firmware? maybe vibrations? Or just the drive reporting higher errors.


What I noticed is, that for external slim drives, they reach excellent CD-RW quality, if the USB power supply is sufficiently strong.
For netbooks, using a powerbank with USB-Y could be useful, otherways playing the CD on older CD players may cause CDDA noise or MP3 hiccups (older CD players such as JVC RC-EX30 from 2004 are unable to mute the hiccup souds of corrupted MP3).

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I never used a USB-Y cable, most of the time the all my systems were capable of powering the drive, even my ancient companq mini110 netbook could power the etau108.
However if for some reason your system cant provide that power, then a Y cable would be a great option to get the extra 0.5A you might need, i admit that that idea of a power bank never crossed my mind.

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The eTAU108 has 2 MB cache!
Most BD drives have 4MB, rarely 8MB, despite 16MB could easily be possible.

The SE-208DB has only 1 MB. Even SH-224 has 1.5MB, SH-S223 2MB, SE-S224 has 2MB.

Additionally, the LiteOn and SE-208DB perform nearly desktop-ODD (S182)-like writing quality on discs, if the USB port supplies 5V/2A. 5V/1A can lead to trouble on old devices.

The used eTAu108 only cost me €3 on eBay. Really priceworthy, considering that the new SE-208DB costed me €34 in 2014. But the SE-208DB has a much more advanced error management performance, especially for DVDs.

But I must say, the eTAU108 is excellent and really portable.


I cant remember the last time that I worried bout the buffer size on a cd/dvd or bd burner, I am sure that i did that back in 1999 with my Yamaha cd-rw that did not have any kind of burn-proof system, now all drives have this kind of technology enabled, plus most new hard drives and SSD’s can provide everything that the drive needs.

For three euro the etau is a very good option if you need to have an external drive.


Update: BE14NU40 beat LiteOn OCCASIONALLY.

Sometimes, LG, sometimes LiteOn beats. But buth do not reach BU20 and SE-208.