ETA for next Lite-On DVD recorder?

By early September that 16x models kicked in, being used in the high development rythms, I expected that the 1653S drive would be out by now, but it’s not. Is Lite-On waiting for Mediatek to release the next chip?

Time to purchase my DVD Recorder arrives and if it delays a lot more, I’ll have to choose from the current models, where no drive pleases me 100%.

the 1653S is already released…

It is? Well then, I hope it’s not going to be like video cards that get on the shelves half a year after their launch time. Newegg does not have it yet.

But if it is released, do you happen to know the specs of it?

Same as 1633S, but w/ 12x -R and 4x +R DL.

And I think it’s using the same chip as the 1633S. It might not be until the 73S or maybe even a later drive before a newer Mtk chip rears its head.

Hmmm, I wonder if it’s the same hardware as the 1633S (or even the 1213S) will nothing but improovements in quality throught firmware.

But what I’m really interested in the read performance of the drive. I don’t want it to read only DVD-ROMs and recordable media at 8x. I’ve seen drives reading recordable media at 16x and hope that the new Lite On (or the new firmware) will be capable of doing so, as well.

Otherwise I’ll have to purchase a DVD-ROM drive separetely. Does anyone know of a DVD-ROM drive that:

  • Has acceptable performance in reading damaged media
  • Reads all single layer medias at 16x CAV (or at least 12x)
  • Is not speed locked in reading DVD-VIDEO (or can be unlocked with existing hacked-firmwares)
  • Can run Kprobe or Plex tools
    (am I asking too much?)

take a toshiba dvd-rom (1712 or 1802), there are firmwares to unlock them both. they can’t be used with kprobe or plextools. but they are very good drives.

The LiteOn 166S and 167T will also meet your requirements. There are hacked firmwares available for them to unlock speeds. Can run KProbe. Though the KP results are not as usable as those that you’d get from a DVD writer. But I guess it’s better than none.

there is fw ,that you can run to change it to a 1653 but as i understand it these fw’s are not working well so it look like a bit(pun) of a wait.