Essential freeware?

as i’m just getting started, are there like any aggreed upon ESSENTIAL/NEED TO HAVE freeware apps or tools/utilities out there i should get?

of coursethere there r but which ones are the best? what say ye’ CD Freaks :rolleyes:


dvdfab decrypter

That should be all you need to start with, but because of updated protection you may have some trouble backing up movies.

Id reccomend downloading the trials of

anydvd and clonedvd. you have to pay for them but they are worth it :wink:


Exactaudiocopy + LAME encoder

And check out this thread:
Free Downloads…Your welcome

you dont need binflash unless you want to modify your nec drive

because of updated protection
is that on the discs out there now, or the latest software versions in those programs have updated protected. lol noob :o [U]thanks alot guys!![/U]

The discs are protected also many software cds too.

You didn’t mention what you wanted these freeware tools and/or utilites to do, but assuming you want to make backup copies of DVD’s, which you own, the following will give you a great start.

DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0, Download, Guide
PSL2 plugin v2.14, Download, Guide
DVD Rebuilder v0.97, Download, Guide
ImgBurn v1.3.0.0, Download, Guide

You can also add dvdfabdecrypter to that excellent list of freeware.

And CDex, that’s a good alternative to EAC :)…and Burrrn :slight_smile:

You didn’t mention what you wanted these freeware tools and/or utilites to do…

music to my ears :sad: that’s exactly what i wanted 2 know what you guys find useful and necessary for bieng a cd freak.
and how about the ones we go out and buy$ :wink: :a LOL edit > i just realized i need to get off my lazy arse and search.

VirtualDub and all it’s varities, also AviSynth!

AnyDVD, CloneCD, CloneDVD2…if you’re asking about software that costs £££’s :wink:

LOL chef, I haven’t used those in ages :eek:

Also dvd author, GSpot, Discinfo, Winamp, Spybot, Ad-Aware, AVG7 …


Photo filtre


hey, I’m the only one that still use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink??? :sad:

:disagree: haveacigar wrote:


you will have to shrink the files uness you plan writing all disks to dl media :doh: