ESPN broadcasting the World Cup in 3D



ESPN broadcasting the World Cup in 3D.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The 2010 FIFA World Cup kicked off on Friday with two scheduled matches, as sports channel ESPN also launched a new 3D sports channel for World Cup coverage.

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It’s like the chicken or the egg question, somethin has to come first. I’m happy ESPN is doing this, someone’s gotta kickoff the 3D broadcasting…


I have such a hard time understanding the 3D TV craze. I mean, I do thing the technology is cool and everything, but I just cannot envision it becoming a mainstream type of thing. I’m interested to see how successful these 3D broadcasting ventures are.

Just for the record, I’m not much of a TV watcher at all. If I were, I’m sure my perspective would be different, possibly drastically so.


I can’t see it being used for more than the odd few movies and events myself. Not until you can all sit and view 3D without glasses will this become defacto IMHO.


I love 3D but it can be hard on the eyes and brain. The fact that it requires expensive active 3D glasses is a killer for me.

I must say after seeing the 1st FIFA '10 games over the last few days in HD, they would be really amazing to see in 3D. The cameras are well setup for the 3D experience.