ESPN 3Di Broadcast Review 2010 FIFA World Cup



This morning ESPN 3Di broadcast their first real program, the opening match of the 2010 World Cup, a game between South Africa and Mexico.

Using a new Panasonic VT25 series plasma, I take a look at this next generation of television.

As mentioned in this post, ESPN 3D uses the side-by-side 3D method, meaning the left and right images are shown in the same frame. So if you view the image on a regular TV, you’d see two seemingly identical images.

While the current boxes (such as the Motorola VIP1225 I have) can output this 3D signal, they don’t output the metadata that tells the TV what type of 3D signal it is. This means you need to manually switch the TV into side-by-side mode. While not difficult, it takes about 6 button pushes to get into the setup section of the menu and switch it. Then you have to repeat the process to undo the side-by-side mode to watch regular TV. Gotta love new tech.