ESET: Reluctance to move away from Windows XP partly caused by piracy

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While Microsoft ended support for Windows XP about four years ago, the operating system still runs on millions of PCs around the world. This is partly caused by software piracy, according to a white paper about Windows XP security written by a researchers from antivirus vendor ESET.

I doubt that isn’t the real story here.

So you agree with the article??

My advice to those who don’t want to pay for Windows would be to install a GNU/Linux system. If you add WINE on top of said OS, you can run a large number of Windows programs. For those programs you can’t run, I would recommend using a virtual environment as Goretsky already pointed out.

There is also ReactOS, a binary-compatible clone of Windows. However, ReactOS is currently in Alpha status, and therefore should not be considered stable.

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If I didn’t live with any computer illiterates and had no use for any windows programs (or could find appropriate open source equivalents), I might be inclined to give OpenBSD a spin. Especially if one is also very paranoid.

Nevertheless, Linux would probably be easier to handle if one is using a distribution that is easy to use.

Back in the day when I use to use FreeBSD or NetBSD, I ended up having to download the code of some programs/utilities and compiling it by hand. (In those days, they didn’t really have many prepackaged binaries of programs).