eSata card for Samsung SH-S203B

You will like that Galaxy case :clap: using the eSATA cable that is included :smiley: 12X max is all i can get with USB 2.0

Galaxy Metal Gear Box model 5202AUAS

@gashliquor, can I ask how much this sells for?

And where was it made and date code?

Im gonna run it SATA not USB 2.0, I have a SATA expresscard for my notebook ( Belkin) and it will run it at it’s max. SIG makes a SATA expresscard for a notebook but it’s junk. I have 2 sammys coming and 3 BenQ 1655’s and 1 External LiteOn 20A3H

Hi Roadhog LTNS.

Here is where and how much i paid for mine. $40 and some change here. I’m not real sure if it has those dates on it or not and i have had the case open quite a few times :doh: unless you are talking about the drive itself?

I had to work on my case a bit to get it the way it should be. I had the right LED tube come loose from the from so i had to put it back in the right hole and the 2 wire connector was NOT plugged in therefor no LED on right side. Then i had no idea (nor anyone else here i guess for that matter) why the LED’s blinked so i called tech support and found out they are activity LED’s. Pretty kewl actually :cool:

So i guess i received a RMA’d enclosure? :bigsmile:

The case is like 40 bux with shipping included from newegg… My SATA expresscard ( Belkin ) retails for like 80 bux but i have 800.00 in free credit with Dell so it cost me nothing for the Expresscard SATA controller. The case can be had at newegg thats where i got it from.

I would be interested in the card you have for your lappy. That is why i bought my 2nd 203B for…my lappy. What eSATA card did you buy? I’m in USA.

Im in the USA also my friend. Whatever you do DO NOT buy the SIG Model SATA express card. Buy the Belkin Model F5U239 SATAII:

Note: Dell sells it cheaper then newegg, But whatever you DO again stay away from the SIG eSATA express Card. Belkins has a 5 star review. go to the end of the newegg link and take a look see. This blows away the USB setup side by 2.5x easy. I also run a 1TB Mybook ext HDD off it also. The belkin has two SATA ports and lights also. So between the lights on the external case and the light on the expresscard it looks like christmas when burning :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to the one at Dell please? I could not find it.

Gimmie a sec, I’ll post a link:

2-Port External SATA II ExpressCard
Usually Ships Within 24 Hours
Manufacturer Part# F5U239
Dell Part# A0661702

I found the Belkin at the egg but no luck at Dell.

Click the link above it will take U2 it or do a search and enter DELL Part# A0661702 and it will take U2 it.

Try this link:

A lil over $40.00 shipped from newegg.

yeah i found it 2 posts back and thank you. I have one on the way in 3 to 5 days and no Dell logo :clap:

Great, You will never use the USB 2.0 with it again. See i use a Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card in my lappy, I just have to remove that and plug in the Belkin and use the Lappy internal sound card. The Sound Blaster X-Fi expresscard is awesome. As my lappy is a 17" desk top replacement at 2.4Ghz. Expresscards come with leather wallets to store them in when changing them. But what sound with the X-Fi extreme soundcard. But when burning the internal soundcard is good enuff. The X-fi expresscard hooked up to a 5.1 Altec Lansing system. Can hear it 2 blocks away :slight_smile:

I like to be able to grab my lappy, Galaxy case (with Sammy S203B in it), and my lappy accessory bag (that has all my hard wires, 12v adapter, blank discs etc…) and go. I’m to old to war drive :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if member dishinit still visits here? He/she seemed to keep up with the external enclosure/drive stuff.

I would like to have the sound card but my speakers and controller with me. My new builds sound card (X-Fi) and Klipsch Pro Audio 5.1 do a good job. I do have my Zen-W for traveling guess i need travel speakers :doh: :bigsmile:

My lappy stays put, Im retired. Your older then me by two years :slight_smile: I thought i was the old man here.

:cool: there are members here way older than us :iagree:

I had to laugh when i saw you nic name appear. Told my wife :bigsmile:

My Nic comes from the biker world. I ride with the outlaws in FL. From NY but live here in FLA. Most ppl don’t know what it means :iagree: Anyway when U get that card it will impress U. My old lady loves the nic LMFAO:bigsmile:

:cool: well i’m sure a few more have figured it out by now :bigsmile:

I’m sure i will like the card. Now i need to nose around and find a good PCI/eSATA card for my older 865 Intel based build :doh: :bigsmile: I guess i should have ordered more of those Galaxy cases :slight_smile: