ES5 connects to Gnutella & Kazaa

ES5 released a new beta version that connects to both Kazaa and Gnutella networks. Searches and downloads are working great and the beta version doesnt appear to have any bugs in it.

For those of you who havent heard about ES5, its a p2p software/network of its own that has grown very popular over the last year because of the security and advanced methods used to protect the filesharer from being detected by the RIAA.

Another reason for its popularity is that they stream movies online for free like Bruce Almighty, Terminator 3, Matrix Revolutions, etc. and provide free direct verified downloads from their servers. They put servers in Palestine where there are no copyright laws to get around the law.

Anyway, this just means more files and strong security for the p2pr’s.

Check it out at

Or check out their forums at (they’ve got a 50,000 member forum where you can get any questions you have answered):smiley:

Servers in “Palestine”? Where? In Arafat’s hideout? Who told you? Hehehe! I didn’t know these “refugee camps” had any high speed internet connections. Hehehe! :eek:

I wouldn’t risk putting anything there–could get blown up any second! Hehehe! :bigsmile:

Actually, ES5 has been around for over a year. I mean its nothing new. Their servers are in palestine unless they can fake my dns lookup and trace route.

Anyway, ES5 is like the new Kazaa Lite. Since Kazaa Lite died a couple of months ago, ES5 took off where they left out.

ES5 now connects not only to Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Gnutella, and Open Fast Track, but also to all of the other networks like Imesh, Morpheus, etc.

So that equals more search results and download possibilities. It doesnt matter where they are located, it only matters that you can search and find whatever your looking for.

I mean Kazaa is limited to their own network, and so is everybdoy else, but ES5 connects to them all automatically making faster searches and the download speeds are incredible.

Try it, if the shoe fits, then keep it. Maximum, if you dont like it then delete it :wink: