ES30S setup problem

what is the correct way to setup the ES30S, so i can record a show and watch something else? do i need to connect the recorder to the cable box with a coax or can i just use a/v cables (red/white/yellow) or do i need both…according to panasonic you do not need both… :confused:

If you use the video connect, (red-white-yellow) or the SVHS connect, (preferred), you will record whatever the cable box is watching. Connecting via the coax, you would need to use a splitter BEFORE the cable box to send the signals to both units separately, but the Panny will be limited by whatever channels it can decode from the cable signal. You would need to set up the Panny according to the type of cable service you have.

You can also do both, which will give you the added ability to record any channels that the Panny cannot decode.

thanks…just found out a dvr is like $2 more per month lol so i’ll get that next month haha