ES25 Remote Control Problem

I entered setup and accidentally set the remote control function to “SET 3”, now the remote will not control the ES25 OR my SA XR700 receiver. When I try to get back to setup the display reads “SET 3” and will not respond. Is there a manual way to reset to factory default for rermote and ES25? :frowning:

If you reset your machine operating code to 3 you may change the remote code to 3 by pressing and holding both the 3 button and ENTER buttons at the same time for several seconds.

I tried that but it will not change the setting.

thanks for the reply.


If your display shows “SET 3” it may be telling you that your remote is set to code 3, not necessarily that your machine is set to code 3. There are three operating/remote codes. The factory default code is 1. The other codes are 2 and 3. If you don’t know what code is set on your machine then reset your remote to each of these remote codes in turn until one allows your remote to control your machine.

Remember, on your remote PRESS AND HOLD the number button AND the ENTER button at the same time for several seconds. That changes the remote’s code.

If your machine’s operating code has been changed you MUST change your remote control’s code to match the machine’s operating code before the remote will control the machine.

In the Operating Instructions Table of Contents read the section “When other Panasonic products respond to this remote control” for specific information for your model.

I have seven Panasonics; all manufactured in 2005, 2006 and 2007. All use the same procedures for changing the machine’s codes and the remote’s codes.