ES15 Hookup question

I am hooking up a ES15 for a friend and I have a question that hopefully someone can help with.

If I use the S-video in/S-video out ports to hook the unit between his audio/video receiver and his TV, will the ES15 have to be powered on all the time or does it work as a pass through so that video will go to the TV even if the unit is off? As in, watching his Sat receiver without recording anything.

He’s wanting it to be able to record from multiple inputs (VCR, another DVD, or a Sat receiver) and this is the only way I can see to connect it so that this is possible without climbing behind the rack and reconnecting everytime.

What he needs is a good home theater receiver with multiple video switching options. You hook the DVD up to the receiver the same as you would with any recorder, using S-video connects. the Satellite and other components connected to the receiver the same way. Be aware that not all receivers will output to S-video unless the input is also S-video.

A DVD should always be monitored via component connections, or HDMI if available. The Satellite box should have multiple outputs as well, use the Svideo out only for recording and use component or HDMI for monitoring.

A low cost option is a video switch box, I have 2 and paid less than $20 each.

So, I’m assuming the answer is “no”? The recorder would need to be on all the time for them to watch sat tv without recording it.

This is correct. S-video signals cannot be passed through.