ES15 Disk compatabiltiy

Has anyone experienced any issues with the Verbatim dvd-r 8x disks. Buy.vom with GCO has 100 for $12. Also, which disk have you had the most success with. I just purchased the ES15.

I mainly use Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x TYG02, Verbatim DVD-R 16x, Sony DVD-RW, Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x, Verbatim DVD+RW, Verbatim DVD-R DL.
I’m sure the Verbatim DVD-R 8x will be fine
Only problems with disks: Memorex DVD+RW (invalid disc), Staples DVD-R (unable to read)
DVD+RW recorded on another burner will try to prep when you put them into the ES15

Thanks! I will place my order today. Also, Last night I used Compusa DVD-4 4x’s and it copied fine. I have 2 50 packs of Memorex dvd-r 4x from my older sylvania dvd/vcr recorder. They do work on that machine so I will use them there.


I’m not a big fan of Store Brand media or Memorex; Quality media can be found with some effort. Poor media costs more than money it costs you time and effort, with bad media your never sure if the problem is the recorder or the player. Stay away from Memorex DVD+RWs
DVD-RAM is EZ to edit (with software and Movie factory 5 on your computer) but will not play on most Players unless you burn to DVD-Rs.
DVD-R/RW is best for use with your ES15.
The ES15 is not the best DVD Player think about a Panasonic DVD S52 (it plays RAM)