ES15 and Quality Scans

I’m new to the Panny (was a LiteOn 5005 user). Just got an ES15 for 89 bucks at Best Buy and I thought I’d give a QS to a disc I just recorded.

Disc is a Verbatim -R 8x (the kind with the movie reel printed on the top)
Recorded on the ES15 in Flexible Recording mode (2h30min).

Not the worst scan I’ve seen from a standalone (that goes to my trusty 5005 and a HP branded CMC M01 that had thousands of POFs!).
This disc was perfectly playable in my venerable Pioneer and had a reasonably smooth read curve.

I’ve got some other disc types and brands that I’m going to experiment with over the coming days including some Sony 8x +Rs (Yudens) I just found at Wallyworld on Monday.

Curiously, the Flexible Recording mode did not fill up the entire disc…

I have a ES15 and ES25 scans about the same (with Verbs) yet even with Playo DVD-Rs all play very well!

Continuing on a theme: Here’s a CMC MAG M01… possibly the worst media I’ve used. My old LiteOn 5005 actually tried to sue me when I fed it some M01…

Flex record, 2h30min.

Nowhere as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, for dodgy 16x media recorded on a standalone, it’s not that bad.