ES10 dvd recorce r4ecording from satalite box

Hi I have just got an ES10 dvd recorder, have a panasonic plasms tv and a panasonic Sky decoder box.

They are all hooked up as suggested in the manuals
I can record from sky when the yv is on but when i turn the tv off I only record the sound, no picture.

Any ideas, I reckon its to do with the connection settings in the dvd but I’ve tries all variations

am at my wits end

HELP , please



Welcome aboard to the fourm :wink:

To me, it seems rather unusual for the TV to affect the DVD recorder’s picture. It is like as if the DVD recorder is capturing the backfeed from the TV rather than from the satellite receiver directly.

There are two methods you can try hooking up the DVD recorder & Sky box:

Method 1: Connect the TV-Out of your Sky Digibox to your TV via SCART and connect the TV-Out of your DVD recorder to your TV via SCART. Finally, connect from the VCR Output of your Sky Digibox to the 2nd SCART socket of your DVD recorder.

Method 2: Connect the TV-Out on your Sky Digibox to the Auxilary input on your DVD recorder and connect the TV-out on your DVD recorder to your TV.

The First method would be my recommended way of hooking up a DVD recorder with a satellite receiver and this assumes your TV has two SCART inputs. The 2nd method should also work, which I would recommend for TV’s with only one SCART input, however there is a risk of capturing the on-screen display of your Sky box (if any is shown during the recording).

If you still have issues, it will be worth changing the TV output mode on your satellite receiver to ‘Composite’ instead of ‘RGB’ to see if this helps.

Thanks Sean,
Method 1 is the way I have it connected up at the moment. Will try the Composite’ solution. If no luck will try method 2.
Will let you know how I get on

I have 3 panasonic items
TV TH3YPA50EY, tv has 3 scart sockekts
DVD recorder DMR ES10,
Sky box TU DSB40.

Settings are as follows
Decoder TV out to TV AV1
Decoder VCR out to DVD AV2
TV AV1 t2 to DVD AV1
DVD RFin to arial
DVD RF out to Tv

TV settings are as follows:
Qlink = AV2 and AV2 out to = AV1
the tv menu item “Tuning” not showing

DVD settings are as follows:
Progressive = off
A1 output = RGB
A2 setting A2input = RGB/Vides
Ext link = Ext link 1

cannot get the dvd to record when tv is off. records sound but no video. Records perfect when tv is on.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong

cannot set sat box to composite

could the issue be with the sat box?

Did you resolve this issue as I have the same problem with my DMR E50 ??