Es 25 wont record in dd

first of all id like to say whats up to everyone fairly new to the dvd recording just picked up the panny es25 and trying to figure out how to record in 5.1 or dd does anybody know if this is posable with this unit ? tried search on it didnt find much inf
thanks guys

Not possible, DVD recorders only record the analog audio. They do, however re-encode it to DD 3:1.

do is ther anyway to record dvd off tv in dd-5.1 ?

Not with any current consumer DVD recorder, I’m afraid. The audio recording electronics of all consumer DVD recorders supports 2-channel stereo only. In addition, current consumer DVD recorders have only analog receivers, which effectively support only 2-channel stereo audio (Dolby Digital 5.1 from TV requires a digital broadcast source, which very few home digital video recorders are equipped to receive).

At least current DVD recorders always convert analog audio to Dolby Digital 2.0 while recording.