ES-20 disk won't eject

I have a 1 month old ES-20. Worked fine. DVD in machine won’t eject. The display doesn’t show “open.” No change on display. Switch on machine and remote, same result. It gives no noise or movement as might be expected if it was trying to eject. I’m thinking motor went bad, any other thoughts?


In case anyone’s interested, I unplugged for a few minutes and that seemed to reset the unit. No problems since.

My Es10 has had the same problem once or trice when trying to play a disc with “open” video frames due to copy protections. Unplugging always works.

Next time try press and hold the power button on the unit for more than 10 seconds. This is a softer and safer reset for the unit. I used to pull the plug to reset the unit but I believe that was what causing my settings (including parental control level) to screw up. I’ve never got screw-up on the settings once I used the power button instead of pulling the plug.