Es-10 Can't Set Timer Recording



Here’s my problem. I have replaced my old E-30 with a new ES-10 and I’m using Taiyo-Yuden dvd-r disks. I’ve tried setting up a timer recording, a 2 hour program at SP speed. After I’ve entered the information and press OK the screen shows an exclaimation point in the check field and not an “ok”…Any ideas as to why this happens?
thanks, foghat


Just a thought: is the clock set to the correct time?


I checked and the time was correct, but the date was a day behind. I’ve reset it. I will post back if that doesn’t cure the problem…
thanks, foghat


I think that was the source of you error [B]![/B] can’t set timer to record. On the ES15 you can’t even try as you get a message the the clock is not set.
Alway try to post back, we want to know the solution to the problem.