Erros burning audio CDs

Hi there,

I’m not exactly a newbie, since I’ve been burning discs now for a long time, and I’ve figured out lots of problems on my own, but this is the first time I’m posting to this forum, and there seem to be some questions here of similar complexity. So, hopefully someone out there can help me out, since I’m very frustrated. Here goes:

Lately, when I burn audio CDs it has been taking a long time to finalize the discs, and a long time to burn in general. When I pop them in my stereo at home, they are usually OK until the last few tracks. When it gets towards the end one or more of the following happen:

a) it takes about ten seconds to “find” the beginning of the track
b) there is a click-click-click type sound as it’s playing
c) when (if) it reaches the end of the disc, the player hangs up, and will not move on to the next disc (it’s a six disc changer).

However, at least some of these discs seem to work OK in my cheap, six year old portable CD player even with shock-protection on.

I usually use Roxio Easy CD Creator, and I’m burning on a Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-352F. However, I’ve tried other programs, including iTunes, and now EAC. EAC has burned some discs that it says are “successful”, but when I try to play them at home, they exhibit the problems mentioned above.

I usually use pretty cheap discs - right now I’m using Ridata 52x. But the same has happened when I’ve tried Mitsui and other brands.

This is my third burner. The problem has occurred with the first two as well, and DELL has graciously replaced them for free since I’m still under warranty, and I guess it’s cheaper for them to simply replace it rather than figure out what is actually wrong.

So I don’t know if it’s hardware, software, or media, or some combination of the three. Is it tracking maybe?

If anyone has some ideas, I will be very grateful.


In my opinion there are two possibilities:

  1. A media issue: try to burn better media (I suggest you Verbatim or TDK)

  2. A speed issue; many users on the forum says that burning an Audio CD at more than 8x cause too problems with CD players (especially with date ones). Try to burn between 8x and 32x to see if this solve your problem.

Hope this can help

Thanks for the suggestion. But the strange part is that for months it burned everything fine, and the audio discs played in any player (including the one that is having trouble now). And I was using the same discs. Is it possible to overuse a burner and essentially “burn it out”? I’d say I’ve burned maybe 200 discs in this burner. I’d be shocked if that is it’s entire lifetime?

Reading your initial post it seems to me a media issue. 200 discs are not too much, but a burner can damage anyway (my liteon 1633 went out after 8 months and only 20-30 DVD burned at all :a ).

Can you post a scan of your problematic media? In this way we can see if is a media issue or not.

It is also possible that you have a bad batch of media (sometimes it happen)

To exclude your drive as cause of this problem try to burn another brand of media (like verbatim or tdk). If these media burn well then you have a bad batch of Ridata.

Thanks for the additional advice. I did try burning again with the same discs, and with different media (Mitsui). This time BOTH discs are fine.

When you ask me to “post a scan of your problematic media” - do you mean an image? Or do you mean to scan the bad disc with some software? And if so, which software?

Thanks for your help, hopefull I’ll get to the bottom of this.

Probably a bad batch of media was the cause of your problem