hi folks i have a problem im burning movies to dvd then watching them on my dvd player and they work fine but when i try and copy theses dvds it come up with tc sector errors can someone plz explain this and how to remedy the problem im using a liteon 411s dvdrw ive tryed using nero,clone dvd and dvd shrink but they all give me the same error plz help cheers :confused:

thanks a lot ppl 23 views and no one can help me out aye cheers :a

Bad sector or CRC errors are usually caused by the DVD rom drive struggling to read the DVD-R media. Try using a more expensive brand of DVD-R, or changing the DVD rom drive to a more modern make - the LG and Sony drives are supposed to be able to read anything.

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Maybe a bit more descriptive thread title might attract the right people to read and help you with your problem.

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