i can´t burn cds /DVDs under Linux …all programms says “complete succesfully” and burn only waste :frowning:

can anyone help me ?

Most likely bad media or drive is going bad. Try slowing down the burn speed. I have some Sony media that should burn at 16x, but I found I was getting lots of bad burns. I lowered the speed to 8x, and haven’t had a single problem since. Note: This is on my windows machine. On my linux box using NeroLinux, I’ve not ever had a problem with the media, but then, that drive only burns at 4x or less.

No it is a software problem I use only highquality media . I can burn under windows with 16X speed without erros only the jitter an PI/PO values are “bad”. A Friend means its a bug in the new linux kernel.

sorry for my awfull englisch

I’m currently using linux- without issue. Did you try lowering your burn speed?

kernel 2.6.17 …the K3b burning toll burn only in single- doublespeed without a engine cutout :a

You shouldn’t be having any trouble with kernel 2.6.17. I guess I’m not sure what your saying about k3b, but if you haven’t tried NeroLinux with a lower burn speed, please try it.

at lower speed the same erros :frowning:
here is a pic from windows burrning !
it is a plextor px-755 serialATA burner

We are currently having some issues with S-ATA burners… It seems that the errors are not real errors (I have burned an ISO image and after that compared the md5sum).

The problem is coming from the kernel itself. It has been fixed in 2.6.19
So feel free to update!