first of all i have a:

P4 2.6 with HT and 512 ram at 800
And Windows XP
nvidia mx440
Sound ac’97
And of course zoomplayer and WMP 10.

Ok, let’s go…
I tried to make a test with a uncripted dvd video (it’s 4gigs size) with all menus, and extras.
THe quality whas the default (95), after ( i think) 4 hours (the cpu working only at 50%…maybe smpt/ht improvement!!! :slight_smile: the finalz size it’s 1385mb’s (no too bad).

So next:
Double click and wmp10 opens the file (uaahhha it’ works?) NO. If a push any button of the menu the result it’s always the movie, not the extras etc…

So i have no extras (but they are inside :?) I continue watching the film and the quality it’s horrible, looks LEGOALND :P. (too many blocks)

The quality was the default!!!

Well i stop this and try to convert to dvd, buuuut the conversion stop (crashes) at 2%.

Any ideas? It’s a problem of the movie?

Thanks (and of course sorry for my crap english)