Errors with the rips


I’ve check a couple of my discs ripped with DeUHD and I’ve got some issues with corrupt data in spots. They appear as video break ups and in one case it is so bad playback stops (though you can seek past these points). I’ve e-mailed the devs to see that their response is and am currently re-ripping the two discs to see if the issues appear in the same spot or not with V1002.


Interesting, which movies had the issues? Might be helpful to others as well!


Life & Billy Lynn’s. I’ve not check the others I’ve ripped all the way though. I’m worried that it is not related to the disc but that DeUHD is generating errors during the lengthy decryption process.


I’ve suggested that they consider publishing a checksum as well so we can tell if a rip is accurate or not.


That’s actually an excellent idea, I hope they’ll do that. Even better, then should automatically verify it after the rip is done :wink:


Are you playing the m2ts files directly? Depending on the software, re-syncing when seeking in a m2ts file may not be smooth. Try remuxing to mkv (using MKVToolNix), and then play the MKV to see if the problem goes away.