Errors with sony crx1611 cd-rw



I purchased a sony crx1611 cd-rw with roxio cd creator 5.01 basic.

Using sony hs-rw cd’s, I frequently have errors in retrieving files that I have backed-up. These errors are not present when I first copy the files, as I do a scan disk immediately after.

Is this normal? Would it be a sofware or hardware problem?

I have tried different writing speeds, but I still find errors. I have no problem burning cd’s onto cd-r’s.


I have the same issue with my sony. See my post.

Try putting a music CD in and listen for skipping. Mine is horrible.:mad:


I´ve got a similar problem with my CRX-1611 (oem. no manuals or soft); I can write cdr and read cd´s ok, but I can´t write cdrw, I´ve tried almost every cdr soft and cannot get it to work.
I´ve already exchanged it for a new one, but the problem remains.
I´d like to try B´s recorder Gold (that comes with the packaging of the boxed ones), if anyone has it; I´ll apreciate it.