Errors with disc burning and understanding the PIF?

I’ve been burning a couple of discs and recently bought a spindle of Verbatim DVD+R DL (mkm003) because I ran out of TDKs (ritek-s04-66)

However, when I burn these discs (my burner is a samsung sh-223b firmware SB02 which is latest) using IMGBurn, when it hits the layerbreak, it pauses for around 20 seconds not burning at all, then resumes. This was strange so I scanned for PIF and PIE errors, and it wasn’t too bad, but there is a huge PIF spike in the middle of the disc.

My old TDK discs had less PIF errors but a lot more PIE (although the verbatims have a higher PIE spike), now I’m concerned on which discs I should continue to use, or if replacing my burner will correct the problem. Anyone have any ideas?

I attached pictures of both scans.



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Welcome to the forum ketchupbottle :slight_smile:

I had the same problem (with Verbatim 4x DVD-R DLs) burned on a Samsung SE-S084C - paused for ages at the layer break during the scan, then when it resumed, PIF at that point were horrendous.

Do the suspect discs play back alright?

Also, you don’t say what speed you used to burn the Verbies, if you’re burning at the full 8x, then lowering it to 6x or 4x might help.

Also, can you perform a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) on the “problem” discs, and post the result here?

EDIT: Do you burn a lot of DL discs? If so, and I were in your shoes, I’d invest in a Pioneer 218 drive to go alongside your Sammy - the Pioneers do DL very well. Oh, and stick with the Verbies if you do end up getting a new drive. :wink:

Is there not a few settings for ‘setting’ up the layer break in ImgBurn ?

Just checking I am sure the the older versions had quite a few more ways for setting the layer break, but as my latest version is set for “calculate optimal” this gives me the idea that it has to do some thinking to set the break
…could this be the reason for the time used.

The discs do read and I burn them at 4x. However I have had the occasional “dirty disc” message, even though the surface is pristine.

Heres a TRT of a recently burned disc.