Errors whilst burning dvds!

:sad: i have a tdk 440n and up until yesterday it was burning dvds perfectly now all i get is the error :- key,asc,ascq,asclen=3,c,0,a…and i havent got a clue what it means. i have been using dvdsanta and dvd shrink… the media i use has worked up until yesterday with no problems, i also have 1.0c firmware for my tdk which is the newest, and my system is

amd sempron™ 2500+
1gb ram

i would really appreciate it if somebody could help me with this as its now driving me up the wall…my dvds now look like they have dartboard rings on them
thanx in advance :sad:

Sounds like your burner is on the way out. Same thing happened to me with the rings with my old Pioneer 108. Replaced with a new burner & all was good.

Test this old burner in another computer…