Errors while burning Diablo 2 Play Disc

I selected the securom profile and tryed to read the image to my harddrive. But whenever i get to 86% it keeps saying “Failed to read sector xx,xxx” Is the cd messed up or am i burning it the wrong way?

Could you inform use which CD Writer you have? Perhaps you should enable “Regenerate Data Sectors” to help read the image. Perhaps, you should try CD Mate and the Securom 2 profile.

I got a polaroid burnmax40ex. I used the securom profile that the forum provided. Where can i get a securom 2 profile??

I think the securom profile that you are using isnt compatible with the version that Diablo 2 uses. That version works well with Plextors. Notice that there is a second profile for lite-on users. I think that your drive might need some different settings. Or it just might not be able to copy it normally.